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Into the Fire


Powers of the Secret Fire

The identity of the Secret Fire was known and concealed ever since the invention of writing in the Thothian epoch. “In allegories and fables,” remarks Pernety, “the philosophers have given to this Secret Fire the names sword, lance, arrows, javelin, etc. It is the Fire which Prometheus stole from heaven, which Vulcan employed to form the thunderbolts of Jupiter, and the golden throne of Zeus.”

The Secret Fire is therefore “thought” in its highest sense — equivalent to the god Thoth, the first alchemist who speaks only the true Word, which through intonation and vibration acts on matter to create new incarnations of Mind. To some extent, this divine power is shared by humans in the power of inspired thought and imagination. This fact was one of the greatest secrets of the alchemists.

Happy Birthday


On this day in 2007 this little one made me a Dad and changed my life forever. Her level of happiness and outgoing attitude on life makes me proud. Love you Luciana Bella!

The GOAT is binary

Reno Zoo

Reno Zoo

“Baphomet (/ˈbæfoʊmɛt/;[citation needed] from Medieval Latin BaphomethBaffometiOccitan Bafometz) is a deity that the Knights Templar were falsely accused of worshipping and that subsequently was incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions.

The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307.[3] It first came into popular English usage in the 19th century during debate and speculation on the reasons for the suppression of the Templars.[4]

Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with a "Sabbatic Goat" image drawn by Eliphas Levi[5] which contains binary elements representing the "sum total of the universe" (e.g. male and female, good and evil, on and off, etc.).[6] On one hand, Lévi's intention was to symbolize his concept of "the equilibrium of the opposites" that was essential to his magnetistic notion of the Astral Light; on the other hand, the Baphomet represents a tradition that should result in a perfect social order.[7]



Salinas Beach, Ibiza Spain

Salinas Beach, Ibiza Spain

I also enjoy making electronic mixes. And some full originals

it is way hot in Santa Cruz

Near San Luis Resivor

Near San Luis Resivor


Most beings spring from other individuals; but there is a certain kind which reproduces itself. The Assyrians call it the Phoenix. It does not live on fruit or flowers, but on frankincense and odoriferous gums. When it has lived five hundred years, it builds itself a nest in the branches of an oak, or on the top of a palm tree. In this it collects cinnamon, and spikenard, and myrrh, and of these ‘materials builds a pile on which it deposits itself, and dying, breathes out its last breath amidst odours. From the body of the parent bird, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor. When this has grown up and gained sufficient strength, it lifts its nest from the tree (its own cradle and its parent’s sepulchre), and carries it to the city of Heliopolis in Egypt, and deposits it in the temple of the Sun.


Marshes near Vacaville, CA.
Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.
— Ludwig van Beethoven

Full Bloom in Summer '04

The art of victory is learned in defeat.
— Simon Bolivar

Catching up

Hawaii, USA

Hawaii, USA

The World Turtle (also referred to as the Cosmic Turtle or the World-bearing Turtle) is a mytheme of a giant turtle (or tortoise) supporting or containing the world. The mytheme, which is similar to that of the World Elephant and World Serpent, occurs in Hindu mythology, Chinese mythology and the mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The “World-Tortoise” mytheme was discussed comparatively by Edward Burnett Tylor (1878:341).

Follow the Light

Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.
— Immanuel Kant

No. 47617


In mathematics, the Pythagorean theorem, also known as Pythagoras' theorem, is a fundamental relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle. It states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. The theorem can be written as an equation relating the lengths of the sides a, b and c, often called the "Pythagorean equation":[1] - Wikipedia

Save the Bees

Save the Bees
Why are bees in trouble?

Many pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates, especially native bees (such as bumble bees and solitary bees). Honey bees are also in trouble these days, with beekeepers reporting heavy winter and even summer losses.

The solution to pollinator health is not a simple one. Pesticides are weakening pollinator immune systems, leaving them more open to diseases and parasites. Healthy food sources and places to nest are disappearing, with “pollinator deserts” replacing once abundant wildflower meadows. People are moving honey bees and bumble bees around commercially, narrowing their genetic diversity and spreading bee parasites and pathogens in the process.

Habitat loss, acute and chronic pesticide poisoning, diseases and parasites, increasing intensification of conventional farming, and even the impacts of climate change are all taking their toll on bee health. Many of our bees are sick, stressed, and undernourished. But everyone can help save bees!


When not creating Art or working on the permaculture/aquaponic gardens I work on Blacksite.Solutions. Blacksite is a information security company located in Santa Cruz, CA. We provide tools for business. government, and individuals in all verticals to secure all communications using military level encryption technologies.

We also consult in many different industries focusing on future technology and the exploration and expansion of new industries.

In the beginging...

On a journey into the unknown, perfect progress is perfectly impossible.
— Ethan Rarick (Desprate Passage: The Donner Party's Perlious Journey West)

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